MN Gobbler takes a Dirt Nap

Season A MN Tom Down! The past four MN Spring Turkey seasons have been somewhat of a new experience for me. I've had the honor to take out two of my nephews during this time...(read more)

MN "B" Season Lightning Hunt

I’ll never forget taking out a first-time turkey hunter almost 10 years ago, who upon picking up his flopping bird less than 2 hours into the first morning’s hunt, had the aud...(read more)

South Dakota Debauchery

It was quite a weekend spent out along the Missouri River in SD chasing turkeys with stick and string!The trip took an interesting note right from the get go. It turned out th...(read more)
Hunting Reports

Pasha Lake Bear Hunting Report – August 18th, 2012

It’s finally here. What a relief. The 2012 Pasha Lake Cabins Bear Hunting Season kicked off this past Wednesday and it started with a BANG… literally. But, before I can tell yo...(read more)

WI Turkey Hunting - The Last Morning of My Hunt

This author of this hunting report is from my wife - Tina Hebert "blush".Spring has always been my most favorite time of the year, especially living in a part of our country where...(read more)

MN Turkey - Hunting with Isaac

Hunting has been difficult. Quiet birds can make for a rather dissatisfying morning in the woods, and birds that come in silent? Well that’s just not fair. Surely my biggest fe...(read more)

Nebraska Gobblers - Part 2

One down, one to go, but my buddy Jake and I both had a feeling that this one wouldn’t come so easy. Earlier that morning, Jake had setup near some gobbling birds that ended up b...(read more)

Nebraska Public Land Hunt - Part 1

The setup was fatally flawed. At 5:30AM, the slap of a beaver’s tail confirmed that there was open water between myself and the gobbler still sleeping in his roost tree. Not 70 ...(read more)

Ian's First Turkey

The 2012 WI Youth Turkey hunt was certainly one that I will never forget. My son Ian had been anticipating and preparing for this hunt for a very long time. It all started out a...(read more)

A MN Shed Hunting Weekend to Remember!

This past weekend was truly a memorable shed hunting party on our hunting property in central MN. Joining me were my friends Eric Warner along with his German Shorthair - Jaeger,...(read more)


This is my best friend Rodney and his son Marcus, I wasn't in the woods with them but I was there to help find the deer and what a great year it has been.This deer hunting story s...(read more)

Tori's First Deer

I am very lucky to have 2 kids that are interested in sharing my passion for deer hunting. My son has taken 2 deer with a rifle and my daughter was about to take her turn deer hu...(read more)

Once in a Lifetime – My BWCA MN Moose hunt

The Author of this Field Report is IDO Member - Brent Graunke (Farmboy1).I know some of the guys on here know my story, but I think I need to start at the beginning. Sorry for be...(read more)

2011 Wyoming Antelope hunt with my daughter

It’s still hard to capture all the emotions and adrenaline rush experienced this last week with my youngest daughter, Olivia – age 13. This being my first report for IDO Hunting,...(read more)

2011 Colorado Elk Adventure

The author of this Hunting Report is Glenn Rengo (GlennR).It has been a long wait for that first elk muzzleloader tag in Colorado, four years to be exact, but it was well worth it...(read more)

Savage Axis .223 Stainless Review

A review by J.M. HrubyCan stainless steel durability, good looks , and accuracy really come at such a low price? There’s only one way to find out. Buy the new Savage Axis in sta...(read more)

2012 Turkey Hunting Primer

By now, many of us have a good idea of when and where we’ll be turkey hunting. Plans have been made. Tags bought. Some of us have even been hunting already. But even with a sp...(read more)
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Woods & Water Insurance $50 Gift Card Drawing

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